5G Cell Site Independent Power Supply Models

Independent 5G micro cell sites able to function even when offline or during a disaster


  • 5Gマイクロセル基地局

Proposed model for independent power supply for 5G micro cell sites.
Hybrid small wind turbine equipped with solar panels on the rotating blades.

Additional application methods for Tornado wind turbines

In normal times: Industrial image signage that is both art and working for CSR

Commercial power supply

  • 商用電源

    Power source for home and office security cameras and management systems

  • 商用電源

    Digital signage showing tourism information

  • 商用電源

    As a Wi-Fi station for image access with the world

In emergency times: Consider measures to prepare for expected Kanto or Tonankai earthquakes having learned from the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

As an emergency power supply

  • 緊急電験

    As an emergency power supply for ensuring emergency radio and a minimal power supply

  • 緊急電験

    As a charging station for mobile terminals during an emergency

  • 緊急電験

    During a power outage, a guide light to evacuation centers (ensuring lighting)

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