Tornado Wind TurbinesNext generation tornado wind turbines by Tornado Japan

  • The vertical design has a small installation footprint enabling multiple units to be installed in a small location.
  • The turbine accelerates to triple speed and blades invert rotation vertically neutralizing rotational torque.
  • These turbines also equally support wind coming from any direction (360 degrees).
  • This allows support for the characteristic Japanese wind that changes direction suddenly.

Conventional Wind Turbines

Propellor Turbines
The most popular style for wind power generation.
The three-bladed propeller turbine is most common.

high speeds. However, issues include noise, efficiency loss from neck oscillating movement and various maintenance related issues.
Furthermore, the so-called cut-in (power on) wind speed is high at 4 to 5m/s, they need to cut-out to prevent risks of over-spin in strong winds and a high cost of ownership from maintenance and management costs and the cost of the equipment.

Savonius Turbines
The turbine cylinder is cut in half vertically and are shifted in the periphery direction

Generally, resistance wind turbines are limited to use of between ten and twenty percent of the energy in wind.
With a tip-speed ratio of under 1, these are quiet and generate large torque with good ability to start in even small amounts of wind. This model enables collection of wind from any direction without shaft oscillation.

Gyro-mill Turbines
These turbines have vertical blades with cross sections similar to airplane propeller blades.

Able to begin rotation on their own with high tip-speed ratio once rotation starts, these turbines have high rotating torque and have garnered a lot of attention.

Darrieus Turbines
These turbines have vertical blades with cross sections similar to airplane propeller blades bent into bow shapes mounted on a vertical shaft.

With an extremely low starting torque, it is unable to start rotating on its own and requires many innovations such as a starting motor or borrowing force from other turbines.

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